What makes Logiworlds different from other companies?

Every shipment is highly unique for us. Based on this approach, we consider the nature and value of goods and terms of shipment as agreed upon between the buyer & the shipper. Logiworlds is committed to provide all-encompassing services from the first day of the consignment till the delivery of goods at the final destination.

What type of services do you offer?

We offer the largest array of shipping options: based on ease of use, our most popular one being LTL Freight. We also provide Truckload, Container transportation, Custom Clearance, Container loads (Import or Export), Ocean Freight and Air Freight, Project Logistics Management, E-commerce Logistics Management. Specialized management network in USA for inland door deliveries of shipments is also in the offering.

What type of payments do you accept?

At Logiworlds, we accept VISA, M/C, Pay-pal, and upon approval, 15-day invoicing.

Packaging for container, what is the right way?

When you package, crate or stack on pallets, remember to secure it, to prevent damage. Secure your product to the pallet with any of the following: banding, shrink-wrap or stretch-wrap. Improper packaging can void a carrier’s liability for a damage claim. Labels must be placed on every piece or package.

What is the difference between Common Carrier and Logiworlds?

It can be best illustrated with the following example: A taxi versus a Mercedes. Picture yourself riding in the back of a taxi. Common carriers have that same type of suspension as that. A Mercedes has a very soft and smooth ride. This is because it has air shocks that give it that soft comfortable ride. This clearly states the difference between a common carrier and Logiworlds.

Do you handle only domestic shipments?

Logiworlds can handle most/ any type of freight shipment, to most/ anywhere in the world.

What if I “guess” the weight of my shipment?

If you inaccurately weigh or class your shipment and it is reweighed or re-classed by the carrier, those costs will be passed on to you. You will be notified and billed accordingly. Reweighing usually delays your delivery.

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